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Starting out…
January 16, 2007, 12:57 pm
Filed under: Promotion

Well, I’m just now starting to send out the novel to some contacts I have in the press, and posting it to appropriate discussion forums and whatnot. I wanted to begin with my circle of friends while I was putting everything in order, learning the blog software, getting things set. I’m reasonably satisfied that things are as I want them to be (largely thanks to my good lady wife!) in terms of presentation – so the time has come to start promotion.

Because promotion is what it is all about. I didn’t just write the novel for myself – I wrote it for others to read. The web allows for one venue to disseminate it, and also provides for opportunities to get it into the more traditional venue of print media.

You can help. Send the url to any forum where it might be appropriate, recommend the site to your friends. It’s not like I’m charging people to come take a look or download the novel. Based on my previous ‘projects‘ this sort of promotion will likely take a while to spread, and may not catch on at all. Or it could go crazy. It’ll be fun to see what happens.

Jim Downey

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