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Yay! Real feedback!
January 21, 2007, 1:08 pm
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OK, it isn’t here on the blog – I’m still a virgin in that regard – but I did get an email from someone I only barely know from dKos, to whom I sent a link this morning to the novel. His email started this way:

Wow. Your “Communion of Dreams” reads very well! I love the development of the AI/human symbiosis.

And went on to say that he was already burning through Chapter 4.

As I mentioned in the last post, being ignored is the thing I fear the most as an author. Sure, I love *positive* feedback, but just knowing that someone is taking the time to read what I’ve written is the real kick. Thanks, Chris!

Jim Downey

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This does beg the question — Is posting the entirety of this work an impairment to its getting published?

It’s a great story, great characters, the climax is what climaxes are supposed to be.

I’ve read a lot of what I think of as Singularity sub-genre works, and none work nearly as well as a story as your piece, here.

Comment by Chris Kendrick

Well, Chris, thanks for stopping by and starting comments here on the blog. Very much appreciated.

I had held off putting the work on the web in a previous version, for that very concern. This turned out to be a good thing – it let me set the book aside for a while and made revisions easier when I did get around to it. But also it allowed me to watch what happened with other authors who made their work available this way – and it looks like it doesn’t present a problem.

Thanks for the other comments. Naturally, we all want our work to be liked, and it makes me very happy to hear that you liked mine. If you have other comments, or questions, feel free to post them. And if anyone else has comments to make (criticism is also welcome – I’ve got a pretty thick skin, and will view it as information to be considered for further revisions), I hope that they will do so.

Jim Downey

Comment by Communion of Dreams

Finished chapter three. Anxious to start chapter four. The artifact will activate, take over communications, upgrade all computers to AI, and force humans to aid preparations to destroy Earth. When all else fails and defeat is near, the little girl will engage the artifact in a game and, aided by insights from the weird guy, trick it into destroying itself. Good thing you wrote the book, huh?

Comment by trailrider

Damn, trailrider, now you’ve gone and spoiled it all for everyone!


Comment by Communion of Dreams

I finished your book yesterday. Damned impressive! Every sentence made me want to read the next sentence, the next paragraph, the next chapter. And now I want to read the next book. I want to know more about the characters, the technology, and , of course, what happens next. To me, that is the essence of a great book. With that, I will leave more specific comments to those more qualified and simply say, you wrote, I read it, I enjoyed it, how do I pay you?

Comment by trailrider

Trailrider, thanks for the good words. There’s nothing better for an author than to hear that someone has enjoyed the work.

As far as next books go, I am working on a prequel titled “St. Cybi’s Well”, which you can find out more about here: I’m afraid that I’m not very far along into it, and right now it is difficult for me to do much creative writing. But I hope to make progress with it this year.

The best payment you could possibly offer would be to help spread the word about the book. Tell your friends, blogs, forums, where ever you think there’s people who might enjoy reading it. If I can generate sufficient buzz (and comments here), it’ll make it easier to land a conventional publishing deal – and that will make it easier to do more writing.

Jim Downey

Comment by Communion of Dreams

[…] 31st, 2007 I just got some more nice comments in this post from someone who finished reading the book, and who mentioned that he wants to see […]

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