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January 23, 2007, 11:22 am
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Well, I’ve ordered the latest copies of the Guide to Literary Agents and Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market, in preparation for going through another round of formal submissions to find an agent and/or a publisher. Now that I have a completely revised manuscript for people to ignore, I should send it out. Right? Of course.

If you’ve tried this, you know how insane-making it is. Just going through the listings in order to find a reputable agent or suitable publisher will turn your brain into mush. You try to read the listings to get a sense of what sounds promising, then go to the website for that person/company and decide whether they’re worth the trouble..knowing all along that ‘blind’ submissions have like 0.05% chance of getting past a minimum-wage-earning reader (which made my experience with Bantam Dell both encouraging and maddening – making past several ‘cuts’ to the desk of the Senior Editor, who said she really liked the book and thought it was well written, but that it just didn’t fit with the direction they were going), and that most people in the field recommend that you find a contact who will get you a foot in the door. In the Science Fiction community, the advice is to usually start attending Cons, taking writing workshops, getting to know someone that way – with luck, you’ll cross paths with someone who might deign to take an interest in you or your work.

Which is probably what I should do. Except for the fact that I dislike crowds, am 20 years too old for that scene, have responsibilities as a care-giver which greatly limit the amount of time I can be gone from home, and don’t need a workshop on how to put together a paragraph or create a plot. I’m not saying that I couldn’t learn something – that is always a possibility. It’s just that this would be more of an exercise in spending money for simple access to meet someone.


Jim Downey

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I found via ABlogAroundtheClock. Communion is on a higher plane than most of their offerings but you might want to look.

Comment by trailrider

Thanks for the suggestion. I looked at that site a year or so ago, and was tempted. I just got in the new copies of the “Guide to Literary Agents” and “Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market” I ordered, so will give the conventional-publishing thing another try. But I will keep LuLu in mind.

Jim Downey

Comment by Communion of Dreams

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