Communion Of Dreams

A word about my current situation.
January 31, 2007, 11:33 am
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I just got some more nice comments in this post from someone who finished reading the book, and who mentioned that he wants to see more.

That’s a rush. But it is difficult for me just right now to be able to do much fiction writing, at least on the scope of a novel, though I do a fair amount of posting on various blogs. Why? Because at present I’m a full-time care-giver for someone with Alzheimer’s (my mother-in-law), and not only does that suck up a lot of time and energy, it means that every other night I don’t really get to sleep much. My wife and I take turns being “on-call” to help her each night, and we have to listen to a baby monitor all night in order to make sure that she’s safe, et cetera. It’s simply exhausting. And while I can do many things at present, being able to juggle the necessary components for a full-size novel just seems to be beyond me.

We’re trying to make arrangements to have someone in to help care for MMIL a few nights a week. If this works out I hope my energy level rises, and my ability to concentrate improves sufficiently such that I can get back to the new book (which is a prequel to Communion). We’ll see.

Jim Downey

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