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What is your favorite color?
February 10, 2007, 4:00 pm
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No, not a Holy Grail reference.

For over 8 years I owned an art gallery. I think it was the largest gallery in the state of Missouri, and featured works by a lot of local and regional artists of remarkable talent. At any given time we represented a couple dozen different artists, in a wide variety of styles, and had 200 or more works of art on hand for people to see (and theoretically buy, which they didn’t do enough of, which is why I closed the business three years ago).

That 8 years of selling art taught me a lot of things. Among those things was that everyone has a different sense of taste in what they like in artwork. And that that is OK.

The same is true of writing, of course. I don’t much appreciate poetry, as a general rule, though I know that a lot of really good poetry is out there, that it has a level of sophistication and intelligence about it which appeals to many people. I don’t much go in for mysteries (with a few exceptions), am ignorant of the entire ‘chick-lit’ genre, and wouldn’t touch most techno-thriller stuff unless I was being paid well to review it. And anyone who knows me well will tell you that I am a nut forthe Harry Potter books – I honestly consider JK Rowling to be a top-notch writer. (Yes, yes, I realize that many people consider them unworthy kid’s books, and Rowling nothing but a hack. We can argue about that later.)

Even within a genre, there are writers I like, and others less so. That doesn’t make those writers bad (though some of them are, and that is the reason I don’t care for them). It just means that for some reason or another their work doesn’t resonate with me.

Which brings me around to my point. It’s OK if you don’t like my novel. No, seriously, if it doesn’t do anything for you, that’s fine. It could be that you don’t care for Science Fiction. Or maybe you just don’t like my writing. Sure, I want people to like it (or at least respect it for being well-done), but I long ago learned that tastes differ widely – what I like in art or literature may be completely at odds with what you like. And that’s OK. To argue otherwise is to basically come down to saying “you can’t like blue. Red is the superior color.”

Anyway, don’t be afraid to say you didn’t like the book. I’m a big boy, have survived learning that not everything I do is going to please everyone.

Jim Downey

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Wat;s J.K rowlings favourite colour

Comment by Jenani

Sorry, Jenani, I have no idea.

Jim D.

Comment by Communion of Dreams

J.K. Rowlings favorite color is red

Comment by Bobela

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