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April 29, 2007, 9:35 am
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Sometimes I can be so dense.  Got this note from “Mike” in Arizona (will ID him more completely, or let him claim credit in comments, if he wishes) yesterday:

I have been a fan of the UTI site and its several bloggers for some time. I recently became aware of your SF novel ‘A Communion of Dreams’ online thru UTI. I downloaded the book a coupla weeks ago and just completed it. A good read! I have passed it on to several other SF fans as well who are enjoying it. So your estimate of 2000 downloads of the book may be misleadingly low, if others pass on the PDF file as I did. I wanted to thank you for sharing it free ‘online’, and wish you the best in your future efforts.

I found the book entertaining and interesting on several levels, and especially the technology.  As with so much else in SF writing, it may well prove visionary. I visited the CoD website and read your comments there–I’d just like to add that Kim Stanley Robinson is my favorite SF author.

Thanx again!

And I have to confess that it hadn’t crossed my mind that people might share the files or hand off printed pages, when the whole thing can be downloaded for free on the Communion of Dreams website.  Makes me feel like a complete idiot.

Not that it really matters.  Since I’m not worried about getting payments from people for reading the book this way, I don’t care if they share it with others.  But I may need to keep open the notion that my stats for downloads (now just under 2,400) might not be an accurate reflection of how many people have read the book.

Jim Downey

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I’m still reading it, but I really like it so far. Have you made any progress on getting it published or anything like that?

Comment by Shnakepup

Thanks for the feedback, Shnakepup – I hope you continue to enjoy it to the end.

As far as progress towards publishing…not yet. I still have 5 queries out to agents, of the original 7 I sent in February. Each of those agents has now taken at least twice as long as their website guidelines say they will take to respond. I should get my shit together and start sending out some additional queries, but to be honest with the other things going on in my life (as a caregiver), I just do not have the energy it takes to deal with the necessary research and ego-risk. Or, perhaps more accurately, the energy I have has been allocated to other things – one of these days I’ll decide to move sending out more queries up the priority list.

Anyway, be sure to come back and comment on what you think when you finish the book, if not before!


Comment by Communion of Dreams

I’m honored to have my comments ‘outed’. I’m the ‘Mike from Arizona’.

Something I didn’t address in my email to you, but wanted to comment on: I’m a hard core atheist, and stumbled across you and your writings via the UTI site(Unscrewing The Inscrutable for those out of the loop). I wasn’t sure when I started reading COD if religion or similar would come up in the book. I mentioned sending the book on to several friends; one is a very evangelical xtian. We have good debates, but we respect each others’ beliefs (or lack thereof) because we respect each other as human beings.

When I was reading the book, I was wondering if you might use the book as a vehicle to take on a crusade against belief or organized religion, and was concerned my friend might consider this yet another of our mutual good natured chain yankings rather than a ‘serious’ SF book.

I was happy to see the book is in fact a thoughtful and balanced examination of our human paradigm and ‘religious allegory’ as you say–with a bit of a jab here and there where warranted! Good job!

Comment by mike keers

Hey, thanks for stopping by, Mike, and expanding on your email. I added the link in your comment to UTI.

Yeah, my atheist roots run deep, as anyone who reads my postings on UTI will discover. But I must admit, my Catholic roots run deeper…so in writing Communion I tried to deal with some of the relevant issues about faith/religion in a non-proselytizing way. If anything, I hope that both belivers and non will find things to consider in the book. The was one of the reasons I reached back to Heraclitus for some of the philosophical material.

Jim Downey

Comment by Communion of Dreams

[…] as Mike Keers notes in this post, that may well underestimate the actual number of people who have read the book.  Of course, not […]

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