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May 9, 2007, 5:21 am
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“I need a toothpick.”
“No, mom, you had a toothpick after dinner. You picked your teeth for 40 minutes.”
“I need a toothpick!”
“‘Cause there’s something stuck between these front teeth.”
“You just brushed your teeth. There’s nothing there.”
“I can feel it.”
“Let me look.” (Looks. Nothing there.) “There’s nothing there but your gum, swollen from picking at it so long earlier.”
“I need a toothpick!!”
*sigh* Whisper, that only I hear. “Oh, not this again.”
“I need a toothpick!!”
“Mom, there’s nothing there. I just looked. Really.”
“But I can feel it!!”
“No. You picked at it so long…”
“After dinner. You had a toothpick for over 40 minutes.”
“Yes, really.”
“But there’s something there! I know it.”
“Mom, I just looked. THERE IS NOTHING THERE. You just brushed your teeth, and rinsed…”
“I did? When?”
“Just now. Just two minutes ago.”
“But I know that there’s something stuck there…”

Jim Downey

(Cross-posted from Unscrewing the Inscrutable.) 

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