Communion Of Dreams

View of the Street

Via MetaFilter and O’Reilly comes news of a new Google service: StreetView. This is the first step into a true ‘augmented reality’, such as I envision for Communion of Dreams. For right now you’ll need to be in one of the few locations offered, and have to have your laptop or some other suitable device running, but this is still a big advancement. With StreetView, you can move through real space, seeing clear images of your immediate environment overlaid with location and directional information. Go play with it – it’s a fun tool that you need to use to really appreciate.

It’s still a long way until there is a seamless overlay provided by your own expert system, projected onto contact lenses so you can just move through real space without hassle, but this is clearly where we’re headed. I do so love to see real tech coming online that supports my predictions of what the world will be like in 50 years…

Jim Downey

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