Communion Of Dreams


A suggestion early on was that I do a series of podcasts of the book.  The topic came up over dinner with friends the other evening, too, with my friends (only one of whom has read the book) being very positive about the idea.

I’ve got some experience in radio and public speaking.  I think I could do this, though it would require me to relax in my speaking style (my good lady wife, when I bounced this idea off of her this morning, was somewhat more frank than my friends about my tendency to become “RadioMan!”…you can see what she means in this interview I did with NPR almost 6 years ago), and go with something more conversational.  It would also require me to go through the learning curve and get the necessary components (hardware and software) to produce the podcasts, though I’m less concerned about that.

Given that at this time I find it difficult to maintain the kind of concentration necessary to be working on a new long piece of fiction, this might give me an additional creative outlet.  It could also help to market the book, and is a strategy being used by many other authors.

So, if you have some thoughts on the matter, or some advice to offer, I’d love to hear it.

Jim Downey

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