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Flight status.
June 15, 2007, 10:42 am
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Two items of note in the science news in recent days:

Ad Astra Rocket Company reports that they have successfully tested a plasma engine for a time period of over 4 hours, demonstrating that the technology is stable for sustained use.  This will likely prove to be the first major improvement over conventional chemical reaction rockets put into widespread use for spaceflight, and is a staple of Science Fiction (including being referenced in Communion as part of the ‘history’ of spaceflight in the early 21st century).

Second, a new scramjet engine has just be successfully tested at over Mach 10.  While this tech is being pushed for military applications (DARPA is behind this test engine), once it is established it will likely find applications outside just pure military missions.  I predict in Communion that it will be the basis for low-orbit shuttles, ferrying people up to transit stations.

Once again, it is exciting to see my predictions coming online in about the time-frame which I expected.

Jim Downey

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