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June 21, 2007, 11:26 am
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A friend sent me this in response to yesterday’s post:

I’d missed the list of Honoured Guests. Have to make sure my autograph-mad friend doesn’t find out, I’m sure he’d ask me to round out his collection. Me, I just plan to be completely starry-eyed, at least about the space travel people. The writers – eh. No offense, but anybody can make stuff up; it’s really cool people who make it happen.

My reply:

None of it is necessarily mutually exclusive, and there are roles for both. I don’t expect you or anyone else to attend the event for the same reasons I do, and that’s OK. But you’ll note that it is being held in honor of the writer, not some engineer.

But Wil Wheaton’s response is a whole lot better:

“We are some of those people, and we are gathered tonight in one of those places. When we were here a few weeks ago to shoot footage for our documentary, I discovered that this museum is more than just a collection of cool artifacts from the final frontier and beyond. It is an affirmation of why I, and so many other people around the world, love science fiction, and why science fiction endures – whether created by Jules Verne in 1864, or Gene Roddenberry in 1964, or some hot new stereovision writer in 2064 – with a relevance that transcends generations.

“There are countless examples here of the real power that science fiction has to address current events in a way that’s safe and acceptable for most audiences, while speaking very seriously about them to those who look beyond the spaceships and rayguns to the ideas behind the stories. Whether it was written one hundred years ago or just published last month, science fiction can give us warnings about the future, hope for the future, or just blissful escape into the future, visiting fantastic worlds that are light-years away – and as close as our bookshelves and televisions.”

That’s just an excerpt from his post about being the one to induct Gene Roddenberry into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in Seattle. Go read the whole thing.

Jim Downey

(Via BadAstro Blog.)

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