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“Nobel Prize for Jo”
July 21, 2007, 11:28 am
Filed under: Failure, General Musings, Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling, Society

Just a quick post, a look-back on this day to what is undoubtably my biggest failure to date: my ill-fated effort four years ago to organize a letter-writing campaign to persuade the Nobel Prize committee to award the Nobel Prize in Literature to J. K. Rowling, for the Order of the Phoenix.  As noted on my Wikipedia page, it was a complete and total debacle – even the Harry Potter fans hated the idea.

Ah well.  You can see the original webpage from the effort here, archived on my afineline site, though the site nobelprizeforjo has long since lapsed.  Be curious to see if anyone else will pick up on this idea, now that her series is finished.  As I said at the time, “who else has done more to promote literacy worldwide?”

Jim Downey

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From your previous entry, not Jane Austen. At least not amongst first-line readers at British publishing houses.

(Go ahead, insert smileys. Or not. And read this article:

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