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I’m deep into Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, so may not have much in the way of substantive posts over the next couple of days.  Combining that with my care-giving responsibilities increasing over the last week due to something of a decline in my charge’s health, and I don’t have much extra energy or attention span.

But I wanted to note that we passed 3800 downloads of the novel yesterday, and I have been getting a bit more feedback here on the site to it.  These are certainly good things, and I would like to thank one and all who have helped promote the book by telling their friends or posting comments about it elsewhere.  Certainly, nothing that I have done has reached so many people.

Thank you!

Jim Downey

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What about “Paint the Moon”?

Comment by ML

Ah, I meant with promoting the novel. Yeah, the “Paint the Moon” project reached a lot more people than that.

Jim Downey

Comment by Communion of Dreams

Is it possible to add an option that shows when a new message is added to a thread? This could be something on this site or a message sent in email.

Is this software Word Press? I have seen on some Word Press sites an option to check when you write in a topic that sends an email when a new message has been added.

Comment by Frank

On being paid for writing.

I found an article on selling books that you might be interested in.

Apparently Fred is selling a few books on Amazon. He has some ideas that are out there but he has an interesting writing style and his column is as close as I will get to reading right wing stuff.

To add to his idea what if, after paying the author a dollar or two to read the book online, you could later leave a tip like in a restaurant. In this case the tip would be larger than the price of the book and would be determined by how much the reader liked the book. I’m thinking a 2 to 20-dollar tip if someone really liked the book, nothing if they didn’t care for it. The advantage is that the entire tip goes directly to the author.

It occurs to me that you have to pay a little for the overhead of accepting credit cards (like Pay Pal) and a little for the website where the book can be downloaded from. If you could clear 1 dollar per copy and 50,000 people paid, that would be $50,000. I’m imagining a million people downloading my book :). A man can dream.

I looked up pay pal charges. My best understanding is 33 cents for a $1.00 purchase and 36 cents for a $2.00 purchase leaving $.67 and $1.64 respectively.

In addition there would be costs for the website. If the author runs the website, he has regular charges from his provider and has to write, find, or buy the code to manage the sales. The author can promote the book. Maybe a chapter could be made available like they do on Amazon.

Or companies could form to collect the money and handle the downloading for a group of authors, like they do with music and movies. The drawback of this is that the book is in a long list and wouldn’t be noticed by most people. Perhaps someone is doing this already.

I don’t mean to suggest that you are doing anything wrong by posting your book free. I admire it. When (if) my book is finished I am thinking about doing the same. I do computer programming that pays my expenses so I am free do devote my free time to writing. I’d like the maximum number of people to read my stuff. It would be nice to make money writing, but if it takes giving it away to get it out there, so be it.


Comment by Frank

Frank…I spent some time poking around my setting options, and I don’t see anything which would allow for a notification of any replies to a message. Perhaps that is available with one of the upgrades – I’m just using the ‘free’ version. I’m not inclined to upgrade unless I get more people commenting regularly with some indication that this would be worth it.

Thanks for the tutorial on setting up a payment system, and your thoughts on it. At this point I’m still considering this to be, essentially, a type of advertising & promotion – thinking that at some point I’ll have enough downloads that it’ll get the attention of an agent or publisher when I mention it in queries. It might cause problems with ‘selling’ this book to a publisher, but I have more I would like to write, when my home situation changes somewhat and I have the ability to focus and write more.

Jim Downey

Comment by Communion of Dreams

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