Communion Of Dreams

“World faces threats of new infectious diseases: WHO”

GENEVA (AFP) – The World Health Organisation on Thursday warned that a new deadly infectious disease like AIDS or Ebola is bound to appear in the 21st century, in a report urging more global solidarity to tackle an expanding array of health threats.

“It would be extremely naive and complacent to assume that there will not be another disease like AIDS, another Ebola, another SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), sooner or later,” the 2007 World Health Report said.

It’s news like this, resulting from extensive scientific research into pandemics and potential threats from the development of infectious diseases thanks to climate change and further penetration of population into heretofore ‘remote’ areas, which lead me to use a pandemic flu as the basis for the history of Communion of Dreams.  And I first started thinking about this about 10 years ago.  In other words, nothing’s changed – but the science is consistent, and we’re likely overdue for a major global pandemic.

Comforting thought, isn’t it?

Jim Downey

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