Communion Of Dreams

“Titan’s Mistress”

In a post-apocalyptic world a cult of religious cyber-zombies prepare to release a hideous new engineered plague on mankind. On Saturn’s moon Titan, an aging space prospector discovers an ancient alien artifact. It will take the psycho-sexual skills of one lone young woman to unlock the secrets of the device and save mankind – but can she do it, before the aliens return?

Find out with the new Science Fiction special effects extravaganza Titan’s Mistress! Rated PG-13 for violence and language, some nudity.

(Based on the acclaimed novel Communion of Dreams)


OK, so here’s the deal. Someone read Communion this spring and *really* liked it. Said person thought that it was a very visual book, and would be perfectly suited to a film adaptation.

That’s all well and good. I’ve heard that from several people.

But this person has some connections into Hollywood.


Nothing certain, this person says (and I have reason to trust him). But the novel has been passed on to some people who will at least take a look at it. A serious look. And they’re the sorts who can get things accomplished.

What a weird idea, that the novel could first be sold as a movie. Then it wouldn’t be too hard to do the conventional publishing thing as well.

This is all speculative, of course. And I’ve known about this for a while. But after the last couple of posts being about personal stuff unrelated to the book, I thought I’d mention this.

Could be interesting. Granted, once given the Hollywood treatment, Communion would probably wind up looking like I described above, but still.

So, who would you see in what roles? Any suggestions?

Jim Downey

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So, who would you see in what roles? Any suggestions?

A Look Into Jim’s Possible Future

Oh baby. I am so glad you’re here – the original creator’s input is so so tres helpful with these things. You know how it is.

I see Arnold Schwarchenegger as ‘Seth’ – but we’ll have to change that role from a flat screen computer to a robot personal assistant. See he’s like The Terminator but he’s a portable PDA _and_ he can kick someone’s ass. We’ll toss in a few lines that reference Kindergarten Cop to make the fan boys happy.

For the army guy we’ll dig up Bruce Willis. Of course he’s going to demand that we change the script so he’s got more screen time but I think having his name on the project is worth a bit of editorial control.

Demi Moore as the Gates chick oh and Ashton Kucher as the scientist who adopts the Chinese moppet – oh ya think of the fan boy dynamics we’ll get with Willis, his ex and her boy toy. Man that’s got to be worth a few mil in box office right there.

What? Jon .. who is Jon? He’s like one of those egg-head characters right? I’ll have my guy think about who we can dig up …

I so see this. Um, we’ve got to really amp up the aliens a bit. Think the alien from Alien but more bad-ass and gross. Maybe add a few gross out bits like the chest popping thing? Maybe pop out of Demi Moore’s head? Oh ya I can SO see that.

Hey – I’m running short here, got to dash, meeting with that Larry David guy – he’s on board with this and tres tres interested. Give my guy a call and we’ll meet next week.


Comment by Brian

* You have one new message
– beep –

“Jimbo this is Murph from the studio. Listen I was kicking along Sunset thinking about this deal and I thought of a kick-ass line for the Seth character.

See the aliens are attacking and Seth has broken out of his PDA mode into full-on Terminator and he’s mowing the oogey bad guys down like a friggin lawnmower. And then he looks at the Bruce Willis character and deadpans in his Ahnold accent

‘ “Ve’ll have to reschedule your staff meeting until ahfter we kick de aliens’ ahsses!” ‘

It’s YouTube gold, baby!

We gotta put this in the movie so don’t let me forget. Talk to you later – love ya – mean it.”

— beep —

Comment by Brian

Damn, Brian, that’s *funny*! I LOL’ed (and there’s a weird damn thought – a LOLCATS version of the book…man, I should go back to my nap…)

Anyway, I’ve long figured that Connery would be perfect for the role of Darnell – he’s even almost the right age – and would be able to kick ass just fine in this version, along with Ahnuld and Bruuce.

Jim D

Comment by Communion of Dreams

What about Jeff Goldblum for Jon? He did the [hunky] geek very well in “Independence Day.”

(Other than Connery, all y’all’s suggestions for the men are too old or too young for me. Connery is NEVER too old for any woman…….)

[fanning self]

Comment by ML

Shit, ML – *I’d* have Connery’s child… 😉

Goldblum for Jon in Brian’s treatment? Yeah, it’d be a minor role, and he still has some loyal fans…

Jim D

Comment by Communion of Dreams

I can so see Jeffy-boy as Jon in the Ahnold – Bruce – Demi monstrosity. Um, we’ll replace the moppet with Lucy Lu …


Goldblum is a little old to be Jon, in my opinion. I see Jon as an every-man character.

I can see Ron Livingston in that roll – except that he’s 40 so he’s a little old as well or will be. That’s not right either but I can’t think of anyone who is a closer match.

Comment by Brian

Interestingly, I was thinking Jon was about 42-43 when I set all his characteristics, and I think that if you look in the text you’ll find information which establishes that. (Hmm…maybe not…it had been in one of the early chapters when I was setting his situation at home as part of a collective or Heinleinian ‘line family’, but I changed all that for the current version of the book, and may have lost the reference…)

Anyway, Livingston wouldn’t be too old in my eyes.

Jim D

Comment by Communion of Dreams

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