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The morning after.

Yes, I should write about the Google X Prize. I’ve even met Diamandis, at the Heinlein Centennial. But it’s been getting substantial coverage in the media. I do have some thoughts beyond “that’s cool” – but am, I think, understandably preoccupied with other personal matters right now. Perhaps this weekend.

OK, things are still sinking in, vis a vis my post yesterday. To a certain extent I feel like my life has just undergone a paradigm shift, as nothing has really changed and yet I see most things in a different light altogether.

A couple of friends have been a little surprised at my wariness about this change. I guess that I have been so conditioned at having people not do the right thing that I am somewhat stunned that this institution is going the right direction with this collection. And, honestly, I’m not used to the notion that things might be going the right way for me, as well. But I meet with the head librarian next Tuesday to iron out details and get the first installment of books, so it really looks like this is going to happen.

I’ll need to make some actual changes in how I work. Since closing the gallery, I’ve been fairly casual about my work hours and the ‘business end’ of the business. I think that’s understandable, since my primary concern has been caring for my MIL, not being a conservator. So I need to lay in some additional supplies, get a large fireproof safe, sort out my accounting software, streamline some of my work habits, establish standardized tracking procedures for handling this volume of work, et cetera. All stuff I know I can do – I ran an art & framing business which had multiple employees and scores of artists we represented for five years – it’s just a matter of getting all the procedures and software set up properly.

So, while I still feel astonished, and pleased, I’m less frightened. Typical for me: I can face just about anything, so long as I have good information and the freedom to sort it out and come to terms with it.

Jim Downey

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I think this is the cosmic order bringing you back to what you need to be doing. You have given so generously of your time and energy that now you are being forced to shift that time and energy back to yourself. Figuring out how to do that with the continuing demands of family will be a challenge. But it does take away the fear period you thought would come after your MIL’s death: “How will I get back to it all?” You will already have figured it out! Hearty congratulations!


Comment by Annie

Thanks, Annie.

I gotta say, I still have periods of astonishment that things have taken this turn. I would never have predicted that they would jump this direction.

Jim D.

Comment by Communion of Dreams

But of course. And I think that is as much that the university was willing to do the right thing, instead of the pretty and expedient one.

And who knows how the other elements work? I know you don’t believe in the Divine Hand Writing, but hopefully you believe to some extent in karma. Sometimes good things do happen to the right people. Hopefully you and Alix can smooth out the transition in care for YMIL so that you can focus on this project.

Isn’t it nice to have the opportunity to make a living in the profession you chose and for which you have trained and have an amazing skill set and knowledge base?

Comment by ML

Thanks, ML – above all else, yes, it is nice to put my bookbinding skills to work in the way I’ve always enjoyed in the service of caring for such a collection.

Jim D.

Comment by Communion of Dreams

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