Communion Of Dreams

Quick hits.

Several quick items this morning…

First off, last stats I saw (yesterday morning), over 5,400 people have downloaded the novel.   That’s like 1,200 this month alone.  Yay!

Hits to this blog have also continued to rise – over 5,000 so far.  So have submitted spam ‘comments’, of course, now over 2,000.  Glad that the filtering software catches the vast bulk of that stuff.

A friend sent me the current issue of the American Ceramic Society Bulletin.  Unfortunately, items he wanted to share with me are not available through their site, but with about 10 seconds of searching, I was able to pull up more complete information on the two things I wanted to mention.  Sheesh – when will people figure out that hiding basic information behind a subscription firewall is not only pointless, but aggravating to the average person?  Now, rather than linking to their content (and increasing their traffic/exposure/possibility for advertising), I’ll link to the other sources.

First of these is about the latest developments in transparent transistors.  This is the thin-film tech I stipulate for the best computers in Communion of Dreams which are not based on the superconducting Tholen gel.

Second is how scientists have discovered a way to embed silicon nanowires right into living cells without causing damage to the cells.  This is the basis of the mind-machine interfaces that I use for the computer and communications tech in Communion, though I don’t go into the details of it in the book.

In both cases the tech is further along than I had expected when I first wrote the novel, but it is good to see that my predictions about how things would likely develop were on track.

Lastly, there will be a newspaper feature about my wife and I caring for my MIL in the local paper this evening.  I’ll post about it with a link probably tomorrow.

Jim Downey

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