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Just in time for the holidays.
November 21, 2007, 1:36 pm
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Just in time for the holidays, comes this friendly bit of advice from your Big Brother:

As the busy holiday travel season approaches, TSA would like to help you get through the security checkpoint quickly and have a safe flight to your destination. Our Transportation Security Officers will be working around the clock to provide an efficient security process. We’re asking you to become an active partner in your security experience by knowing the rules and carefully packing your carry-on bags.

Pack smart to get through faster. Keep luggage organized by layering items; this will increase visibility for the security officers. When approaching the checkpoint, be prepared.

Yes, be prepared. I recommend the little packets of KY Jelly, or the ‘personal lubricant’ of your choice, in order to comply with security regulations and reduce pain.


I know full well what is going on – they just want to reduce the hassle of getting hassled. Comply like good little sheep in their absurd bit of Security Theater, and everything will be fine. Pack your bags to make it easier and faster for them to sort through your personal possessions. Be sure to leave any memory of the Constitution at home.

I sometimes wonder what would happen if we all just started a passive resistance movement – packing our bags extra sloppily, making sure to have IDs tucked away in the bottom of your purse, wearing shoes and coats which are bulky and hard to remove. Nothing that’d get you put on The List, or pulled off for a little extra ‘personal attention’, just slow things down by a couple of minutes. If everyone just refused to cooperate a little, soon the airline industry would be crying for less intrusive (yet more effective) security measures, and we might – just might – once again have some semblance of respect for our personal effects and private business from our Government overlords.

Jim Downey

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Hey, even a thick book will get your stuff searched – and if you pack as tightly as I do, it’s always fun to watch them try to get everything back into the bag. {G}

On one of the check-throughs the woman ahead of me did just as you suggested. She was unprepared and started to pull out her toiletries into the little zipper bag as the rest of her stuff was going into the X-ray machine. They just pulled her bag aside and did a hand-search.

Do you really think that if everybody takes on delaying tactics that they are going to add more searchers or start letting people through with forbidden things? They miss enough as it is.

Comment by ML

Do you really think that if everybody takes on delaying tactics that they are going to add more searchers or start letting people through with forbidden things? They miss enough as it is.

This was mostly a rant, about how we’ve all quietly and complacently allowed ourselves to walk into such a situation, giving the government unprecedented search powers. We each individually have an interest in keeping things going as smoothly as possible – but I worry about what that is doing collectively to our nation.

Jim D.

Comment by Communion of Dreams

Ah, good point. It’s just that I have traveled to so many countries, including some fairly strict and hostile ones like Russia, that the changes are possibly less noticeable to me.
When you get on El Al (haven’t yet, but been told by others – I may be flying it in April), even in the USA, you walk down a corridor of smoked glass in back of which are soldiers with machine guns.

When I was a student in England, and on later visits, it was nothing to be told that a certain Tube stop was closed and you had to get off one early or one later. Everybody took it calmly. They knew that the odds were a suspicious package had been found, or an actual bomb, and so the station was closed. You get used to things like that. Just as you get used to being watchful when you pack to go on an airplane. I’m trying to remember, and cannot, whether checked luggage was searched before Pan Am 103 was bombed?

I’ll take off my shoes, pack appropriately, and figure that the USA is just catching up to the rest of the world.

Comment by ML

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