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February 10, 2008, 12:56 pm
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The memorial in all its details went off just fine yesterday. My wife’s quartet from the North American Welsh Choir did a wonderful performance. The minister conducting the ceremonies (an old family friend) kept things running smoothly and without a lot of inappropriate god-bothering. Friends and family made tributes to Martha Sr. All that you could ask for in a memorial service, even good weather (almost 50 and sunny) for early February here in the Midwest.

We had a relaxed reception at my Brother-in-law’s place, plenty of good food and good company. Then a relaxed evening here with some of the family who came in from out of town. And likewise this morning an early brunch before some folks needed to catch flights home.

And now I feel adrift. Unsure. All the scheduled things are resolved. Other things pending, but nothing which really needs either my involvement or direction. This could be a touch of something I’m coming down with (there were plenty of people with the usual colds/flus common this time of year). My immune system is shot, for the same reasons that my weight is so excessive: lack of sleep, insufficient exercise, general stress. I look forward to getting it back.

But it could also simply be the change borne by Martha Sr’s passing. All the routines, all the usual focus of my life, are no longer applicable. A friend said that it will take time to mash down the grooves of my life and carve new ones, and she’s right. I expect it will take most of the coming year to make the change complete.

So, adrift. The storm has passed, and now things are quiet.

I think I’ll get a nap.

Jim Downey

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A favourite saying of a friend of mine, who has endured her share of stressful months, is “when the going gets tough, the tough take a nap.”

Based upon that, I think both you and your good lady wife have quite a lot of napping to do.

Comment by ML

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