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Pity party.
February 20, 2008, 6:46 am
Filed under: Bipolar, Civil Rights, Depression, Flu, Google, Health, Society

I was going to title this “I’m sick and tired . . . of being sick and tired.” After yet another night of coughing jags, tossing and turning, getting up to take OTC meds every couple of hours, and generally being miserable in this tenth day of this flu.

But then I popped that phrase into Google, to see why it echoed so from my childhood. And a couple of clicks later I found this, and was humbled.

My tendency to feel sorry for myself is not one of my most attractive traits. I can only say that it usually is a sign that I am bottoming out, and before long I will be climbing back out of my own personal pit of despair (whether it is caused by health problems, my mild bi-polar condition, or some other source). It’s that Emerson quote, again.

So, sorry about that, Fanny Lou. Didn’t mean no offense.

Jim Downey

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For me it’s a very short step from depression to self-pity, and that’s too bad. Still, I’ve found it all but impossible to be positive or grateful while in the throes. It’s one of those (awful) things.


Comment by Rob N.

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