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I’m not sure this is progress.
February 26, 2008, 11:58 am
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Man, when I was a kid, I thought that all the ‘astronaut food’ was super cool.  Tang was always my drink of choice, even if the stuff really was kinda nasty.  But seriously, is this progress?

Kimchi goes to space, along with first Korean astronaut.

So it was only natural for Koreans to think that their first astronaut must have the beloved national dish when he goes on his historic space mission in April. Three top government research institutes went to work. Their mission: to create “space kimchi.”

“If a Korean goes to space, kimchi must go there, too,” said Kim Sung Soo, a Korea Food Research Institute scientist. “Without kimchi, Koreans feel flabby. Kimchi first came to our mind when we began discussing what Korean food should go into space.”

* * *

“The key was how to make a bacteria-free kimchi while retaining its unique taste, color and texture,” said Lee Ju Woon at the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute, who began working on the newfangled kimchi in 2003 with samples provided by his mother.

Ordinary kimchi is teeming with microbes, like lactic acid bacteria, which help fermentation. On Earth they are harmless, but scientists fear they could turn dangerous in space if cosmic rays cause them to mutate.

Um, yeah, “mutating kimchi microbes” sounds like a very bad idea, and not even a good name for a band.

Jim Downey

(Via BoingBoing.) 

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…..but definitely an item to consider for the next science fiction movie spoof! /GRIN!/

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