Communion Of Dreams

Coming soon to an audio player near you!
March 21, 2008, 9:18 am
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OK, I’m a little less than halfway through the audio files that I’ve written about recently. Listening to the production is really compelling for me, perhaps moreso than it will be for most people, meaning that I get little else done when the thing is on.

Any good artist brings their own interpretation and understanding to their material, whether it is visual, performance, or written. That’s what Scot Wilcox has done with Communion of Dreams. His performance of the text adds something, even for me – and I have been listening to those voices in my head for well-on a decade now. I think that you will also find that it brings another layer to the book, and I would like to encourage all those who have already read the book to download the audio files (they should be available on my site later today). Naturally enough, there will be plenty of people who are introduced to Communion of Dreams by the audio book first, and I think that’s great – feel free to burn copies of the discs to share (it takes 12 CDs). Or if you want to pass along the MP3 files, that’s fine too (just be warned that the files are very large – it took us overnight to upload them to my host.) Scot has explicitly given me permission to share the performance freely.

So, check the site, tell your friends.

Jim Downey

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OK, is it just me, or is Chapter 3 missing?

I’m using your book to test my new mp3 player. If it doesn’t work, it’s all YOUR fault.

Comment by ML

I’ve just checked the mp3 files and found no problem with downloading and playing Chapter 3. What sort of problem have you had?


Comment by Alix

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