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I can’t resist . . .
March 29, 2008, 10:40 pm
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. . . cross-posting this item from UTI, even though I put it up there this morning and the thing is all over the web now. It’s just too damned funny. The version below is low-res; be sure to go to YouTube and click on the “view this in higher resolution” tab, then expand it to fill your monitor.

Jim D.


OK, just in case you haven’t seen this over at PZ’s or elsewhere, here’s a hilarious and brilliantly done satire:

It takes some deconstructing, but the consensus is that it is indeed pro-science/skepticism.

UPDATE: Here are the lyrics, and here is a brief bit on the ‘cast’ – kudos to both authors!

Jim Downey

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Wow, my second ever cross-post – thanks!

Cheers for the link to the lyrics also – I don’t often have time to track the zillions of comments over at Pharyngula.


Comment by TAW

TAW, my pleasure!

Jim D.

Comment by Communion of Dreams

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