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“A website by any other name . . .”
April 8, 2008, 1:54 pm
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One of the major things we still need to do for our ballistics project is to come up with a name for the website/url where all the information and data will be hosted. It is something we (me, Jim K and Steve) really should have discussed over the course of the long weekend just past, but honestly we were always just too worn out at the end of a long day of testing to be very creative. And trying to think about it myself right now is problematic, because I am trying to fight a migraine at the same time and only have enough focus for one thing or the other (and sorry, but getting rid of the migraine takes precedence).

So I thought I would throw out the idea here, see if any of my occasional readers would have any thoughts to contribute. Ideally, the site name/url will be short, easy to remember/type, convey exactly what the project is all about, and available to reserve as a domain.

Here is a list of some of the names we have kicked around previously, to give you some idea where we’re going with this:

  • (et cetera = .etc)
  • ballisticsbytheinch.etc
  • handgunballistics.etc
  • pistolballistics.etc
  • handgunammovsbarreldata.etc
  • pistolammovsbarreldata.etc
  • pistoldata-barrelandammoeffects.etc
  • pistol-barrelvsammodata.etc
  • muzzlemeasure.etc
  • muzzlevelocity.etc
  • muzzledata.etc
  • barrelvelocity.etc

We’d probably prefer to do a .org for the primary domain, if one is available in the name we want, but also buy up the .com and other common variants and have them redirect. So, that is a consideration. Of the ones listed above, I like the simpler and shorter ones.


Jim Downey

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I like the “ballisticsbytheinch” name. Relatively short, somewhat interesting…it’d be good, i think, for your website’s name.

Comment by Shnakepup

Thanks, Shnakepup! It does do a fair job of getting the basic premise across. But don’t feel limited by any of the ones listed – other suggestions very much welcome!

Jim D.

Comment by Communion of Dreams

Got a comment from a friend, with these suggestions:

Jim D.

Comment by Communion of Dreams

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