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April 24, 2008, 9:04 am
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In the month or so since I posted this, there have been more than an additional 800 downloads of Communion of Dreams.  Meaning that we’re now approaching 9,000 downloads altogether.  This tends to happen in ‘clumps’ for some unknown (to me) reason, where there will be a baseline of 5 – 10 people a day downloading the thing and then it will suddenly jump to a seventy-five or a hundred or a couple hundred downloads for a day or two.

Anyway, it’s likely that sometime in the next month or two, total downloads will cross the 10,000 mark.  Going to 5 digits seems like a cool threshold, and I’m thinking that I should do something to note/celebrate/mark the occasion.  But I have no idea what.  So if anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment or drop me a note, OK?

Oh, and that contact of the agent mentioned in the post a month ago?  Still haven’t heard back from them.  Because of other things I’ve mentioned being busy with here, I haven’t gotten around to contacting any other agents.  I suppose I should do that.  Ah, well.

Jim Downey

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Celebratory things?

Start another event like “Paint the Moon.”

I would strongly recommend NOT celebrating like this. Your good lady wife wouldn’t appreciate it.

Comment by ML

Hey, I know! We can do “Paint the Sun!” Yeah, that’s a great idea!! 😉

And yeah, I’m on strict orders that any gunfire inside the house has to be limited to extermination of spiders I cannot reach by other means . . .

Jim D

Comment by Communion of Dreams

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