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May Day! May Day!

Nah, other than a mild cold, things are going OK.  But since it is the first of the month, thought I would post a quick note about how stats look hereabouts.

April saw just under 500 downloads of the .pdf of Communion.  This continues to happen in clumps, for whatever reason.  Comparing it to over 1,100 in March, you might think that things have slowed down – but that’s just the clustering effect, I think – there was a substantial cluster right at the end of March.  Had it been a few days later, the stats for both March and April would have been almost the same.  We’re now at about 9,000 total downloads.

About 50 people downloaded the MP3 of the novel last month, bringing that total to just under 100.

I still have a hard time getting a handle on how people find out about the book, or this blog.  In March I signed up for some additional stats/information about the Communion of Dreams website, which gives me all kinds of data, but it still seems that the majority of people who find out about the book do so by word of mouth.  Not a bad thing, just a bit odd.  Particularly in that I get very little feedback or commentary from people – yet they seem to be passing on a recommendation to others to download the book.  Goodness knows that I haven’t done anything remotely approaching a real effort at promotion, so something is happening of its own accord.

This blog is now at 18,000 total views, averaging upwards of 70 views a day.  The somewhat odd thing is that there is a consistent bit of traffic to look at one post: Welcome to the Hobbit House from almost a year ago.  That gets 20 – 25 people a day.  I think that the secret to getting a lot of traffic would be to write about Hobbits.  At least until the new movie is done and out.  So, if you see me mentioning Hobbits just randomly in posts, you’ll know that I am just blog-whoring, trolling for hits.

But hey, Hobbits are cool.  Right?  Just saying the word is somehow comforting:  Hobbits.

Uh, sorry.

Anyway, that’s just a brief look over the current stats.  Something more meaty later, or tomorrow.

Jim Downey

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Well its nice to see a good book doing well.:)

**Teenie-Weenie Spoilers**

I have a question about the ending, though, I dont want to give anything away, so I’ll just ask this:

The ending seems vaguely to imply that the Edenists have a point about technology, was this by design?

Comment by Troika21

Well . . .

Before I answer your question, thanks for the compliment – I take it you’ve finished listening to the thing, and enjoyed it. The question you pose also indicates that it made you think a little.

Now, as to your question. I’ll keep this a bit vague, so as not to spoil too much for anyone who hasn’t made it to the end of the book.

I think that the Edenists *did* have a point. But look where their fanaticism led them.

On the other hand, the artifact is technology, and it is through technology that it was discovered and understood. Granted, a new balance between technology and nature had to be found in the end, but that was just a correction, not a triumph of one or the other.

Hope that helps.

Jim D.

Comment by Communion of Dreams

Thank you. That does clear it up alot.

And too, the point about it being a ‘correction’ – not a triumph, I can see that now. I must be too binary sometimes.

Thanks Again.

Comment by Troika21

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