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Don’t order the eggs.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a huge fan of the movies of Ridley Scott. Even genres of movies that I don’t usually care for, I will watch (and probably own) if he did them. One such is the original Alien (that link goes to Wiki rather than the IMDb because of a really annoying flash advertisement IMDb has running).

What’s that? Why wouldn’t I like Alien, it being Science Fiction? Because it is mostly a horror movie, just within a brilliantly-done Science Fiction context. I tend to stay away from horror movies. I’ve had plenty of experience with adrenaline dumps, thank you very much, and don’t particularly like having that button pushed. In fact, first time I saw Alien in the theatre, not knowing what to expect, I wound up standing in the aisle in a fighting stance, having leapt *over* my uncle from a sitting position. True story.

Anyway, I do love the movie, but have to now consciously disengage my ‘fight-or-flight’ reflex when I sit down to watch it. Which is kind of nice, because it allows me to enjoy more of the artistry of the film. And a lot of the artistry of the film was done by H.R. Giger, twisted illustrator and artist extraordinaire.

Now, via Phil Plait, this delightful photo set of the Giger Bar in Chateau St. Germain, Gruyeres, Switerland (also available on Giger’s website, under “Bars”, where the images are credited to Wolfgang Holz and Holly Ryan). As Phil says:

I’m not sure I could eat well in a place like that. And I certainly wouldn’t order the eggs!

Hmm . . . I may need to go back to Switzerland . . .

Jim Downey

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