Communion Of Dreams

That is *so* weird.

I discovered a couple of years ago that someone had created a Wikipedia entry for me.  It was weird to stumble across that when I was looking for something else (I no longer remember what).  Particularly since it seemed that the initial entry was made by someone for whom English was not a native tongue, and who only had some of their facts right.  In other words, it wasn’t a friend who did it, laying the foundation for some kind of joke on me.  My wife and I cleaned up the language a bit, got the facts corrected, expanded the entry to include stuff which had been missed.

But it is still a weird feeling.

And something similar happened again today.

This morning, I was doing my routine check on the stats for the download of Communion of Dreams, and saw that there had been another of the periodic spikes.  As I have mentioned previously, when this happens I will sometimes check to see if there is a referring site where a link to the novel has been posted.  I’m just curious as to how word of the book spreads, and whether someone has some commentary or criticism that I should know about.  And this morning in the ‘referring’ stats was a link to a Wiki page titled “Titan in fiction“, explained by this simple single sentence:

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn. It has a substantial atmosphere and is the most Earth-like satellite in the Solar System, making it a popular science fiction setting.

And there, next-to-last in the ‘Literature’ section, just two entries after Ben Bova’s novel Titan, was this:

Communion of Dreams (2007), a novel by Jim Downey. An alien artifact is discovered on Titan that has strange effects on anyone who observes it.

I could quibble with the description, but I won’t.  I’m too weirded-out by seeing it.  With almost 10,000 downloads of the book, it is unsurprising that someone who has read it would think to add links in Wikipedia about it.  Unsurprising, that is, unless you’re the one it happens to.

I do not have ‘false modesty’.  I’ve got an ego, as any of my friends will attest, and I’m not afraid of a bit of self promotion.  But in the face of repeated rejections from publishers and agents, it is more than a little odd to see that Communion is slowly creeping into the culture this way.  It’s just plain weird – a touch of dissonance.

Well, anyway.  As always, if anyone knows of places where Communion has been recommended, and now I suppose where it has been linked in another context, please let me know.

Jim Downey

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I had been going through the various “Astronomical Locations in fiction” section (looking for interesting sci-fi to pick up), and came upon Titan. As I was reading through, I was reminded of Communion, and to my surprise, saw that it wasn’t listed. So I added it.

Glad to see my addition added a few downloads. Next time I send out a link, I’ll try and let you know.

Comment by Shnakepup

Ah, mystery solved! Thanks for the info, Shnakepup, and for helping to spread the word!

Jim D.

Comment by Communion of Dreams

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