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Give me a birthday present?
June 29, 2008, 7:29 am
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OK, I know that it’s a bit tactless to ask someone to give you a gift.  So I’m tactless.

Last time I updated the count on downloads, we were at 9,500 (give or take a few).  That was June second.  Since then, we’ve had 160 downloads of Communion of Dreams.  I don’t know if it is the summer doldrums, or what, but that is a big drop-off from the previous months averages of 500+ downloads a month.

My birthday is July 4th.  I will turn 50.  And I’m asking for a gift: help get the download count over 10,000.  All we need is 340 downloads.  I’ve had twice that number downloaded in one day, previously, when someone somewhere posted a link on a bulletin board or some such.  So that’s what I’m asking – just help spread the word.  If you belong to a SF discussion forum, or blog about books, or whatever, help me cross that 10,000 threshold.  It won’t cost you anything, and it won’t cost the people who want to download the book anything.  Just a couple of minutes of your time.  And I’d appreciate it.

I never really thought that Communion of Dreams would get so much attention – but now that we’re so close to 10,000, it’d be a cool thing to reach that number before I cross a threshold of my own.


Jim Downey

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