Communion Of Dreams

Been busy.

I took some books back to Special Collections yesterday afternoon.  As I was unpacking items, one of the staff members asked how I was doing.

“Pretty well.  Been busy.”

She looked at me for a long moment.  “You look – rested.”

* * * * * * *

On Wednesday, in response to a friend who asked what I had going on, I sent this email reply:

Need to do some blogging this morning, then get settled into the next batch of books for a client.  Print out some invoices.  Also need to track down some camera software and get it loaded onto this machine, and finish tweaking things here so I can shift over the last of the data from the old system and send it on its way.  Need to work on learning some video editing, and start uploading clips from our ballistics testing project to YouTube.  Then I can get going on creating the rest of the content for *that* website. Play with the dog.  Should touch base with my collaborator on the Alz book, see where he is on some transcriptions he is working on. And then prep dinner.  In other words, mostly routine.  Yeah, I lead an odd life.

An odd life, indeed.

But here’s a taste of some of the documentation about the ballistics project that I have been working on:

That’s me wearing the blue flannel overshirt.  Man, I’m heavy.  I hope video of me now would look better.

* * * * * * *

The chaos continues.  Yeah, we’re still in the process of completely re-arranging the house, and of seeing to the distribution of Martha Sr’s things.  Looks like there’ll be an estate auction in our future sometime next month.  But that’s good – it means that things are moving forward, heading towards some kind of resolution.

As mentioned in passing in the email cited above, I’ve been shifting over to a new computer system I got last week.  My old system was starting to lose components, and was becoming increasingly incapable of doing things I need to be able to do.  Well, hell, it was 7 years old, and was at least one iteration behind the cutting edge at the time I bought it.  Thanks to the help of my good lady wife, this has been a relatively painless transition – though one which has still taken a lot of work and time to see through.

And one more complication, just to keep things interesting: My wife is moving her business practice home.  This had been the tentative plan all along, once Martha Sr was gone, and for a variety of reasons it made sense to take this step now.  She’ll be able to devote more of her energy to seeing to her mom’s estate, hastening that process.  And she’s going to take on the task of shopping my book around agencies and publishers.  Now that there have been over 10,000 downloads (actually, over 11,000 and moving towards 12,000), it would seem to be a good time to make a devoted push to getting the thing conventionally published, in spite of the problems in the industry.  We’re hoping that she’ll be better able to weather the multiple rejections that it will take, and I’ll have more time and energy for working on the next book (and blogging, and the ballistics project, and – oh, yeah – earning money for a change).

* * * * * * *

She looked at me for a long moment.  “You look – rested.”


It says something that with all I’ve been doing (as described above has been fairly typical, recently), I look more rested now than I have in years.

Actually, it says a lot.

Jim Downey

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