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Beats a sculpture of Popeye.
August 10, 2008, 8:13 am
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Now, this is the way to honor an author:

it’s a fucking tripod from the war of the worlds and can be found in horsell woking, england (h.g. wells’ hometown and the area in which the first martian cylinder landed). imagine walking round the corner and coming face to face with it for the first time, groceries in hand. i’d be close to soiling my pants.

* * *

built in 1998 by michael condron, the 23ft high sculpture was “commissioned to celebrate the centenary of hg wells’ the war of the worlds” and as you can see in the last photo, next to the tripod, seemingly half-buried in the ground, is the cylinder. there are also bacteria represented by designs on surrounding stones – go here to see them. as with the baby tower, congratulations to the local authorities for giving this shiny chunk of brilliance the greenlight. it’s fantastic. if something like this existed outside my local shopping centre then i might actually go near the place.

Cool.  Reminds me of a sculpture we saw while in Wales some years back, in terms of being not the usual sort of boring pigeon perch.  Check it out.

Jim Downey

Via MeFi.

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