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Another round, bartender.
September 26, 2008, 9:40 am
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I mentioned the antibiotics I was taking last week.  Well, by the time I finished my full course last weekend, I was feeling pretty good.  Energy levels back up, exercise felt good, et cetera.  So first part of the week I went and got a Hep A vaccination for our upcoming trip, as I had planned.  Wednesday I was feeling a little achey, glands a bit sore, and just figured that it was a normal reaction to the vaccine.


By late yesterday I was really pretty miserable again, sore throat on the left, nasty headache I had all day, shooting pain behind my left ear.

Yeah, another infection.  Saw my doctor first thing this morning.  Got another round of antibiotics, something a little more suited to this kind of thing.  Anticipate feeling miserable for the rest of the weekend.

Which is unfortunate, because here in about 90 minutes we’re leaving for an AIA retreat thing my wife has.


But I want to clear this up and make sure I’m healthy before our trip to Patagonia in less than three weeks.

Anyway, I’ll be mostly offline for the rest of the weekend.

Jim Downey

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When I was little, I was horribly ill with the flu for my Granddads birthday – it set a precedent that has repeted itself, over and over.
Likley its just confirmation-bias, its typically me though.

Get Well Soon, Mr Downey. 🙂

Comment by Troika21

Hey, thanks for the good wishes. Back home now from our jaunt south (and since we’ve chatted about distances previously, let me say that we drove for over four hours, covered about 250 miles, and didn’t even leave the state…). Got a lot of rest in, and that has helped with the latest infection. More tomorrow.


Jim D.

Comment by Communion of Dreams

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