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November 20, 2008, 8:18 am
Filed under: Humor

I can be a grumpy bastard.  Particularly before I’ve had my coffee.  Or if I’m otherwise tired due to work or having to put up with too many people (and “too many” usually means “more than four”), or too much bullshit (such as letters from an insurance company, the IRS, or charities spending the money I gave them in asking me for *more* money).  Unfortunately, this means that I am grumpy waaaay too much of the time.

And so it is that I usually growl at the computer when someone sends me a slew of links/articles/pictures/jokes/whatever.

Why is it that we bald monkeys do this?  We always assume that people are going to share our particular interests – to the same extent and at the same time as we do.

I’m guilty of this.  Hell, just blogging is bad enough, thinking that something I have to say will be of interest to others.  But at least in this forum people can shut off the RSS feed, and not bother to hit the site.  When I send links to others, or even worse, embed images/video in an otherwise normal message, I am imposing my aesthetic and opinions on the recipient.  And filling up their inboxes with my crap.

For the last few years I have been trying to impose more discipline on myself in this regard – really trying to ask myself before I send something out whether the recipient will really want to see it, and then only doing so in such a fashion as to minimize the impact and give my friends the biggest option of ignoring the message (by giving a brief explanation of why I think the specific recipient will want to look at the link or read an article).  Also, I’ve learned to just limit links/articles/pictures/jokes/whatever to one or two at a time – no one is going to want to plow through a dozen of anything just because I say it’s funny or insightful.  Just as I have almost no interest in plowing through a dozen of the “gr8test LOLCATs evah!!” – that stuff is just going to get ignored, and likely will annoy me because it loads up my inbox and slows down my computer.

Yeah, I know – bitch, bitch, bitch.  I guess I need another cup of coffee.

Jim Downey

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