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Final stats for 2008
January 1, 2009, 7:41 am
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It’s interesting to look back a year and see where things were, and where we’ve come in the intervening time.

Downloads of the novel itself has been almost exactly the same:  6,288 in 2007, and 6,182 in 2008.  That is remarkably consistent and more than a bit surprising to me.  I also find it curious that more people have downloaded the novel than actually visited the site last year, by about a thousand.  In other words, the link to the download of the book has been shared elsewhere, allowing people to download the thing (in either audio or .pdf form) without having to visit my site.  Interesting.

This blog has grown by about double in terms of hits and readership – 10,834 in 2007, and 21,959 in 2008.  Last year I wrote 333 posts total – an increase of 86 over how many I posted in 2007.  Not as prolific as some, but I like to think that my quality is what brings the huge traffic.  *cough*

Well, I have something else to get ready for this morning, but as I said last year:  Thanks to everyone who visits, links, comments, or helps to promote this blog or my novel.  Stick around and I’ll try and keep things interesting (I already have some new ideas and projects I’m working on).

Cheers for 2009!

Jim Downey

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Blogging gets in your blood. ;-P


Comment by DemFromCT

Indeed it does, as you certainly know. 🙂 Between my posts here, the ones at UTI, occasional ones for dKos, and now the Bbti site, not to mention participating in a dozen other forums . . . heh, it’s a wonder I get anything else done!

Happy New Year!

Jim D.

Comment by James Downey

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