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Jim Downey and the Bank Robbers.
January 7, 2009, 8:34 am
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I thought the anniversary for this was today. Turns out it was this past Sunday. Oh well. Thought it might be amusing to some.

From a plaque in my office:

The Columbia Police Department would like to recognize James Theodore Downey for his assistance in the apprehension of individuals accused of the Bank of America Robbery.  On January 4, 2002, the Columbia Police Department responded to a Bank Robbery in progress at the Bank of America facility located at 5 Old Highway 63 South.  At approximately 9:39 A.M. a male subject entered the facility wearing a red stocking cap or sweat shirt, having a mask over his face displaying a chrome-type handgun.  The suspect then fled the bank to a nearby vehicle parked in an apartment complex nearby.

Mr. Downey was in the area of the Bank Robbery when he observed a subject running from the bank towards an apartment complex near the bank.  Mr. Downey kept watch of the area when he observed a tan colored Dodge Stratus leaving the area very quickly being driven by a black male and appeared to be  the sole occupant.  Mr. Downey was able to obtain the Missouri Registration on the vehicle, 123-ABC which was immediately dispatched to officers in the area.  Checking the Department of Revenue it was found that the vehicle was registered to an individual residing on North Parkview Court.  Officers were able to place the residence  under surveillance where the suspect was taken into custody a short time later near the residence.

Inside the vehicle was a weapon and money linking the driver to the bank robbery.  However, the driver of the vehicle was a white male.  It was later learned that the white male suspect had robbed the bank and had run to his vehicle parked in the area which was being driven by a second suspect, a black male that Mr. Downey had seen leaving the area in the vehicle.  The white male subject is believed to have been laying on the seat, out of view to officers in the area.  The subsequent investigation led to arrest of the two suspects in the robbery and the recovery of nearly all the money taken.

Mr. Downey is commended for his quick and decisive actions.  By immediately reporting the crime and by accurately detailing the location, actions, and descriptions of the suspects and vehicle, these felons were apprehended.  The Columbia Police Department and the citizens of Columbia thank James Theodore Downey for his intervention and involvement.

News reports here and here.  I never had to testify – though I jumped through the preliminary steps of having to do so – the suspects worked out a plea deal and went to prison.  I’ve been a bit circumspect in not naming names here, and changing the license number of the car in the item above, to make it marginally less easy for them or their friends to tie me to the arrests (though of course the item above is in the public archive of the city someplace).

Anyway, I get a kick out of it.  Makes for a good story.  No, I never got any kind of reward or even a note of thanks from the Bank of America.  Figures.

Jim Downey

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