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Ah, damn.
January 15, 2009, 8:58 am
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I caught the news last night, but somehow had managed to miss this comment to my post of a week ago – Patrick McGoohan has passed away.

Ah, damn.

And so has Ricardo Montalban.

Ah, damn.

We tend to think of actors as their most important (to us) roles.  People who won’t recognize the name of McGoohan probably know him as #6 from The Prisoner.  Likewise, Montalban is forever known better as Khan Noonien Singh to generations of SF fans.  And while this is unfair – both men were accomplished actors who played many roles, and who lived interesting lives – it is understandable, because they came into our lives for only a limited time and in this particular context.  And they live on in those characters in our minds.

So, yes, farewell to each.  But I will always cherish their memorable performances.

Jim Downey

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For those who have the channel, Turner Classic Movies has rejiggered its schedule and will run a series of Ricardo Montalban’s movies on Friday. So if you only know him as Khan or Mr. Roarke, it’s worth a look.

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