Communion Of Dreams

This (c)old house.

Gah – it’s 55 degrees here.  Inside, I mean.  No, we don’t have the thermostat turned that low.  The heating system, an old hot-water radiator setup, just can’t keep up when the temps get down to below zero Fahrenheit.  Not in an old house with minimal insulation (and no simple way of adding any).  So we wander around, playing Quintet, waiting for something resembling normal weather to return, trying to get done what we can.

It’s sobering.  And instructive.  In Communion of Dreams I stipulate a long period of harsh winters for much of the northern hemisphere, following the ‘small’ nuclear war in Asia.  Having lived through some 15 Iowa winters, it was easy to imagine what that would be like.  But I was younger, and memory is fleeting.  Combine those cold conditions for a prolonged period with an economic collapse, and those years in my novel would be brutal – moreso than any of us probably understand.

And let’s hope it stays that way.  When I read things like this, I wonder whether I have been entirely too optimistic about our future.  Then again, not like these geniuses have been right about anything else for the last couple of years.

Wait – they’ve been entirely too optimistic, too, haven’t they?  That’s what got us into this financial mess.

Gods, now I really am depressed.

And cold.

Jim Downey

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….we wander around, playing Quintet,….

I had an image of you, your wife, the dog, and the cats, making one very large share-the-warmth amoeba-of-many-legs wandering from fireplace to waterbed………

Comment by ML

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