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My eyes keep leaking.
February 15, 2009, 2:37 pm
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As I had mentioned, week before last I was off to the NE for a combination of business and pleasure.  Pleasure in seeing a friend, checking out the Mark Twain House (more on that later), and then business & pleasure in going up to Boston to meet my collaborator on the caregiving book.  That meeting went exceptionally well – almost frighteningly so.  As I said in the following email exchange with a friend:

I am curious how the co-author gig is going. Do you feel like it’s a good partnership? Do you finish each other’s sentences or anything or have you carved up spheres of influence on the work?

As a matter of fact, it is almost a little creepy how much we *do* finish each other’s sentences and think alike.  This was our first time to meet in person, and particularly in the brainstorming session about the book it was really weird how much we tracked along identical lines.  We did come up with a structure for importing our respective prior writing into the joint book, and that is the next stage for us.  But we also have a pretty good handle on how to proceed with the explanatory/interstitial material which will be needed.

This past week I’ve been fighting a low grade but fairly annoying and persistent chest cold, which has sapped a lot of my energy for much beyond what I *had* to get done. But I took yesterday easy, and this morning felt like I could get started on working on the book, using the new framework we had sorted out. It’s an interesting approach: we’ve established a metaphorical “year” that is meant to encompass the arc of the Alzheimer’s disease as experienced by a care provider, going from initial suspicions to the eventual death of the patient. Then there will be an afterward which will be about the process of recovery from being a care provider. Each month of the metaphorical year will contain excerpts from correspondence and blog posts, intertwined with additional explanatory material as needed.

So this morning, after an initial chat with my co-author about the formatting software (I’d had no experience with anything which was designed for multiple authors to work on remotely) to get me oriented, I started to excerpt and upload many of the blog posts which I have had here about caring for Martha Sr. It’s gone pretty well, and I made a fair amount of progress. But one problem keeps cropping up – my eyes keep leaking for some mysterious reason, to the point where it is difficult to see the screen in front of me. Maybe I should chat with my doctor about that.

Jim Downey

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