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February 17, 2009, 8:11 am
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City to OK water-bill surcharge

The Seattle City Council is expected Tuesday to approve a surcharge on city water customers to help cover the cost of a $22 million court-ordered rebate to water customers.

The rebates are for fire hydrant costs that were wrongly charged to water customers. Fire hydrants are a basic city responsibility and have to be paid for from the general fund, the state Supreme Court has ruled.

OK, read that again. Got it? The city screwed up and charged water customers for basic city infrastructure. So they have been ordered to pay said customers back for the overcharges. And to do so they are going to slap a surcharge onto water bills.

Gotta love it.

As someone in the comments said:

How to put the scr*ws to people four times in a row.

1. Charge some customers for a city financial responsibility.

2. Pay the lawyers to defend the city for wrongfully doing so that will be paid for by all city water customers.

3. Charge the customers for the refunds they have been ordered to pay the customers who were originally charged as well as all city water users.

4. Charge the customers for the legal fees it’s going to cost the city to defend itself from the upcoming law suit for wrongfully charging all water customers for the city being ordered by court to refund the fees it wrongfully charged “some” of the customers.


Jim Downey

(Via BB. Cross posted to UTI.)

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