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It was.
February 19, 2009, 9:00 am
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I wrote this the other day:

See, some time back I decided that I needed to watch the 2001 movie remake Planet of the Apes.   I’d been on a bit of a Tim Burton kick, and figured that I should see this, even though it had been widely panned and looked dreadful.

It was dreadful.  I watched it last night.  Muddled plot.  Pointless special effects.  Sub-par acting.  Unrealistic and inconsistent sciency-stuff.  Absurd set-up for a sequel which was never made.  Technology just 30 years ahead (of when the movie was made) that supposedly would survive for over a thousand years after crashing from orbit.  Ballistic ridiculousness.  Biological impossibilities.

I could go on – even for bad SF, this was inexcusable.  But, since the movie is not exactly current, and they wisely decided not to make a sequel, it’s not worth the effort. I just thought that I should report on my reaction to the thing.

Maybe some more later –

Jim Downey

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[…] of days, the headache persists, and I’m more than a little grumpy.  This may have influenced my appreciation of the movie last night, but I don’t think so – it was dreadful enough in its own […]

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You mean, it was even worse than Greaser’s Palace?!? Wow… that would be saying something.

Comment by anncetera

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