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OK, this is just plain dangerous.
March 18, 2009, 9:26 am
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Welcome to the Skylighter web site for people who make fireworks and other pyrotechnics. Skylighter offers a wide variety of novelty fireworks, sparklers, fireworks books, fireworks videos, pyrotechnic chemicals (potassium nitrate, potassium perchlorate, aluminum, sulfur, etc.), fireworks making tools, fireworks tubes (for rockets, mortars, fountains, salutes, shells, etc.), fireworks shell parts, end plugs, end disks, end caps, and other paper and plastic supplies for making fireworks and pyrotechnics to organizations and individuals in all 50 states.  The entire Skylighter catalog is available on-line, including air and surface shipping costs for all U.S. areas. Sorry, but we do not ship outside the United States.

And the guy who runs it has a blog with *extensive* information about how to construct fireworks. Here’s a bit:

Even when they don’t “work well,” and CATO (blow up) on the launch pad, these rockets are impressive! There is a lot of power packed into that engine tube, so it pays to put a long piece of Visco fuse on them, and have everyone plenty far away from the launch area just in case.

Whistle Rocket Explosion on Launch Pad

Whistle Rocket Explosion on Launch Pad
(Photo Courtesy Jerry Durand)

This is the third in a series of whistle-related articles. The first installment dealt with making whistle fuel and simple fireworks whistles. That same fuel will be used in these strobe rockets. The second article described the construction of basic whistle rockets. Many of those same techniques will be used now to make strobe rockets. So, it’s a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with those basic methods before forging ahead with this project.

Oh, baby.

Man, I’m drooling.

About 15 years ago I had the good fortune to attend several nights worth of amateur fireworks displays as part of the Pyrotechnics Guild International competitions. And I got a serious case of fireworks lust. Which is always easy for me, anyway, what with being born on July 4th and all. A few years prior to that, I’d had the chance to help set up and set off some very impressive stuff – up to 6″ shells – as part of some SCA activities.

Believe me, I could seriously get into this stuff. I put it off back then because I had my hands full with other things. And I do still, of course, but the temptation now is even stronger. Hey, I already have several pounds of black powder here because of my flintlock . . .

Oh baby.

Jim Downey

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Dangerous is right — on multiple levels, not the least of which is the allure and temptation to add a new hobby.

Wifey would kill me, however…

Comment by GreyHawk

“Oh no-not again”

Comment by gerhardt

Heh. GreyHawk, all the more reason for you to come visit out here in the wild lands. 🙂

Gerhardt – hehehehehe. Yeah, that was a great few nights at the PGI event, wasn’t it?

Jim D.

Comment by James Downey

Well, if this month and next go OK (and pick up significantly on the financial front), then I may be attending the Oklahoma Writer’s Conference in OKC…which takes me right by your neck of the woods, as I drive down and back.

Maybe it’ll be a good opportunity to stop in and rest from road-rash.

Comment by GreyHawk

You with road-rash, GH? Um, gee, *that’s* an appealing offer. 😉

Jim D.

Comment by James Downey

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