Communion Of Dreams

Here’s an idea . . .

…which I haven’t heard of previously, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it has already been the basis of an SF short or novel: what if the source of some giant computer/internet worm (say, Conficker or similar) was just someone’s effort to create an actual AI? Alternatively, what if some embryonic AI which already exists was creating these things in order to increase its own level of ability/sentience? The latter is somewhat similar to what I did with Seth in Communion of Dreams, through I used an entirely different mechanism.

Anyway, just an idea. I get these things all the time, and just happened to be sitting in front of the computer when I did so this time.

Jim Downey

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Comment by Shnakepup

Excellent – thanks, Shnakepup! I don’t recall seeing that particular strip, though since I have followed xkcd for ages it was probably tucked away in my subconscious.

Jim Downey

Comment by James Downey

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