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The term “bump” has been used online for at least the last couple of years, particularly on larger group blogs when someone who administers the site wants a specific post or comment to get more attention or not be lost in the flow of information.

Curious now that there’s an emerging use of the term pertaining to another aspect of information: “bumping” technological tools to share specific information. From a column by a friend sent me:

From University of Chicago, a bump joins networking grind

It is fitting that University of Chicago business school students would develop an iPhone app that works by bump.

After all, it was a former U. of C. professor, President Barack Obama, who helped to popularize the fist bump.

The new iPhone app, called Bump, transfers data from one iPhone to another simply by bumping. When two people holding iPhones bump hands, detailed contact information or just certain data, such as a phone number, can be shared.

I bumped an iPhone with an iPod Touch and contact information was transferred between the devices in about 5 seconds. Both gadgets asked for confirmation.

As my friend said in the email:

Not quite as handy as the handshake in your book, but on its way.

Well on it’s way, indeed. For those who don’t recall (or who haven’t yet read the book), the standard tech people use for my novel contains a palm ‘key’ which is linked to a worn (actually, embedded) personal computer. Among other things, this key allows people to just shake hands and exchange business-card type information, which is automatically filed away for reference by your personal expert system.

As I’ve said before, it’s always fun to see the technology developing as I predict in Communion.

Jim Downey

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Just came across your blog entry. We’re really happy to have developed a technology pretty similar to that which you write about in your book. Once things slow down around here, I’ll check out Communion.

-David, co-founder, Bump Technologies LLC

Comment by David

David, thanks for dropping by – I think that it’s brilliant that you guys have come up with this in reality – it’s easy for a writer to say “well, this is what happens” when you don’t have to do the engineering.


Jim D.

Comment by James Downey

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