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Panic much?
April 26, 2009, 1:22 pm
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Just curious – how are people here responding to this news?

US declares public health emergency for swine flu

WASHINGTON – The U.S. declared a public health emergency Sunday to deal with the emerging new swine flu, much like the government does to prepare for approaching hurricanes.

* * *

At a White House news conference, Besser and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano sought to assure Americans that health officials are taking all appropriate steps to minimize the impact of the outbreak.

Top among those is declaring the public health emergency. As part of that, Napolitano said roughly 12 million doses of the drug Tamiflu will be moved from a federal stockpile to places where states can quickly get their share if they decide they need it. Priority will be given to the five states with known cases so far: California, Texas, New York, Ohio and Kansas.

I posted an item about it here yesterday, and for the most part I see this simply a prudent step in preparation. But I find it very interesting that the US government is moving *very* quickly over this – perhaps this was a factor:

Swine flu confirmed in NYC high school students

NEW YORK – New York City was dealing with a growing public health threat Sunday after tests confirmed that eight students at a private Catholic high school had contracted swine flu. Some of the school’s students had visited Mexico on a spring break trip two weeks ago.

New York officials previously had characterized the cases as probable, but Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that it was swine flu, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

About 100 students at St. Francis Preparatory School complained of flu-like symptoms; further tests will determine how many of those cases are swine flu.

Bloomberg stressed that the New York cases were mild and many are recovering, but said that parents of the students also had flu symptoms, “suggesting it is spreading person to person.”

Thoughts? Do you have the basic preparations for coping with a generalized emergency? I think I’m in pretty good shape, though I might pop out and stock up on my usual scotch . . .

Jim Downey

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Alcohol would be on the list for sure. Just got back from the grocery and put back on the shelf the lettuce grown MEX- just in case.

Comment by ahrcanum

Hmm – I see your point. I wonder whether I should avoid Tequila? 😉

Jim D.

Comment by James Downey

I think this swine flu is just something to keep the public eye away from oberrisment himself.

Comment by Drake

Yeah, Drake, because Obama has done such a horrible job that his approval rating is only 68%, and about half of the people now think that the country is on the right track (as opposed to less than 10% when Obama was elected and Bush was still prez). Clearly, he is nothing but an embarrassment.

Or did I misunderstand you?

Jim D.

Comment by James Downey

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