Communion Of Dreams

Been busy.

Sorry I’ve been busy and not writing as much here – I’ve been juggling a number of things all at once, some of which has sucked up a lot of my creative energy. A partial list:

Getting work done on the major upgrade for BBTI (check out this post on the blog!)

More work on the Caregiving book – I think we’ve now finished with all the material we’ve written about the experience previously, as well as a lot of ‘primary source’ material (emails, LiveJournal entries, et cetera). Gathering and selecting all of this has been a significant task, as well as a powerfully emotional one. Now that all that is together, we need to switch gears and go through it all with an eye to tweaking and editing – another big job.

Have another iron in the fire related to some local/neighborhood politics and personal stuff that has sucked up a fair amount of energy.

Trying to get back on my feet with my conservation work, as well, of course.

And then there’s the necessary (and enjoyable) parts of living in an old house with a big yard and a garden – it’s that busy time of year for such things.

And that’s a partial list. Have some other things going on that are entirely speculative, not to mention the usual day-to-day stuff of living and owning your own business.

But you know, it feels pretty good.


Jim Downey

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