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June 16, 2009, 1:47 pm
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Damn, this is funny:

First ‘anti-stab’ knife to go on sale in Britain

The first “anti-stab” knife is to go on sale in Britain, designed to work as normal in the kitchen but to be ineffective as a weapon.

The knife has a rounded edge instead of a point and will snag on clothing and skin to make it more difficult to stab someone.

It was invented by industrial designer John Cornock, who was inspired by a documentary in which doctors advocated banning traditional knives.

No, seriously, this is not a joke. Here’s a bit from the company’s website:

In May 2005, my wife Liz watched a BBC TV news feature regarding a report produced by three UK doctors calling for a ban on long pointed kitchen knives. The report, written by Mike Beckett, Emma Hern and Will Glazebrook, cited long kitchen knives as the ‘weapon of choice in a high proportion of serious stabbings.’ The research they carried out in to the justification of a potentially lethal sharp point, led him to one conclusion – a ban was needed on all long pointed kitchen knives.

I wouldn’t advocate a complete ban though their observations made perfect sense – remove the lethal weapons from our kitchen drawers and you will undoubtedly witness a drop in serious knife injuries. However, this raises a pivotal question; what else do we use? Introducing an outright ban would create an immediate knee-jerk reaction, therefore the solution must be more considered.

Being keen home cooks, Liz and I considered how many times we needed a long pointed knife when preparing and serving a meal. After much thought, we realized that in the home, we could see virtually no justification for this type of knife point. Liz then gave me a completely novel idea – why not design a knife point which can be used for everyday cooking but without the dangerous long sharp point?

Wow. I wonder if they’ll outlaw files and sharpening stones, too.

Jim Downey

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Rome, from which I just returned, has had a spate of knife attacks this spring. The preferred method there is a long slice across the buttocks of an unsuspecting fan of a rival soccer team. Or, in at least one case, random foreigners mistaken for a soccer fan. The pointless knife wouldn’t make any difference in these attacks, thus demonstrating that human creativity will thwart regulation. How many knife attackers will switch to the slice?

Comment by Steve Tuck

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