Communion Of Dreams

Hey, what are those funny characters?
June 21, 2009, 10:13 am
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This is a little weird – evidently, a Japanese site did some kind of mention/review of Communion of Dreams, and in the last couple of days I’ve had thousands of hits and about 200 downloads of the book because of it.

I say “evidently” because the site is in Japanese, and even The Mighty Google fails to give any real translation. Here’s the site:


And here’s the page from whence the traffic has come.  Odd thing is, while the “MP3” is clearly in the title, only about a quarter of the downloads have been the audio files, and the rest the .pdf of the book.

Anyway, if anyone can read Japanese and would like to let me know what the site says, I’d appreciate it.  Who knows, maybe I can wheedle a trip to Japan as a “famous American author” or something out of this.

Jim Downey

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Ah, my non-geeky friend – Baidu is one of the biggest names in Chinese internettery, such as they are allowed to have. I know, similar characters – Japan borrowed the kanji from China. Baidu is the Chinese-language version of Google, if that helps. It started off as a music/MP3 search site but has branched out.

I just noticed from one report (now what you know what we’re talking about, you can check it out too) that they have expanded into Japan. Since the link at “here’s the page” doesn’t seem to be working properly for my machine at the moment, it’s possible it’s from Baidu-Japan but I can’t be sure. Does it end in .jp?

If you have the choice, definitely Japan is more your speed than China. And I think the air is a whole lot less polluted. My dad goes regularly on business and after one trip my mother refuses to join him – and makes him put everything into the wash immediately upon his return. I’m not quite sure he doesn’t have to pitch the luggage.

Comment by ML

I thought the script was some version of Chinese at first, but Google didn’t – when I tried Japanese, I at least got *some* lines translated. So, who knows?

And yeah, I’d prefer Japan, though would not turn down the opportunity to experience a bit of China at this point.

Jim D.

Comment by James Downey

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