Communion Of Dreams

(It looks like) TEOTWAWKI.

In the 1970s I used to love to go high into the mountains of Colorado, looking for Ghost Towns. In fact, most of one whole summer during college me and a couple of buddies poked around in my old Scout II, using a well worn copy of Jeep Trails to Colorado Ghost Towns and a complete set of good topo maps for the state. We traveled slowly, camped, hitting a state park every few days to get a shower and stopping in towns long enough for food, beer, and more gas. It was an amazing summer.

So, you might say I have a thing for ghost towns.

I just love the melancholy nature of abandoned places. Fits my personality, I suppose. Somehow, I have always felt more “at home” in a place which seemed to be empty. Post war. Post pandemic. Post natural disaster. Post human.

Sorta explains Communion of Dreams, doesn’t it?

Anyway, this is just background explanation to say that I really enjoyed this post, which contains a lot of really great pictures:

Abandoned Places In The World

When starting on this post for some reason I was thinking that there are not many abandoned places in the world, at least the cities. I knew there are many villages, farms and just lonely houses all around the world but when thousands of people leave, leaving the whole city dead that’s a real tragedy. There are mainly two reasons why people suddenly or little by little leave the place where they used to live for years or even generations: that’s the danger and economic factors. The biggest number of abandoned villages and farms can be found in Unites States and the countries of the former USSR.

Visiting abandoned places is getting more and more popular these days and many tourist agencies offer special tours where people can meet the ghost cities and villages face to face. I have never been to any of these and frankly speaking I don’t want to. I thinks we should leave the ghosts in peace, especially in the places like Pripyat where the horrible tragedy took place.

Still hobbies differ and surfing online we can find photographer’s websites fully devoted to abandoned places like this one or Lost America photo stream.

Have fun. You know, in a melancholy sort of way.

Jim Downey

Via Mefi.

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