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Speaking of memory . . .

. . . I decidedly *do* remember this, but it is a blast to see the pix again! From Phil Plait:

You just knew The Big Picture would take on the premier space event of the 20th century now, didn’t you?

Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket on its way to history
Whoa. Head on over there for high-res spacey goodness! Many of those images made me a little choked up, in fact. Sigh.

I couldn’t agree more.

Further recollections on the 20th.

Jim Downey

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One of my favourites has always been the “Visor Photo” of Buzz Aldrin, because it’s so typical of humans – “Hey! Let’s take pictures of each others to prove where WE went on vacation!”

Comment by ML

And did you see that NASA is getting Hollywood’s help to restore the TV footage from the moonwalk?

Which of course is only going to fuel the “fakewalk” folk beliefs.

Comment by ML

[…] pm Filed under: Apollo program, Failure, Government, NASA, Science Fiction, Society, Space I mentioned the other day that I would provide some further recollections about the Apollo 11 landing and Moon […]

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