Communion Of Dreams

OK, maybe not a total waste.

I’d mentioned previously that I had been up for consideration for appointment to the local Planning & Zoning Commission, but had been mercifully spared selection. Well, when it was my turn to interview for the position with the City Council, it wasn’t just before the Council and city staff – the local press was there. No surprise.

Anyway, earlier this week I got a phone call from a pleasant young man who writes for the MU student newspaper. He had been at the interview, and thought that I might be an interesting subject for an profile piece for a series they’re doing about local weirdos. No, strike that, let’s say “personalities”. Anyway, he asked if I would be willing to chat with him about myself.

“Sure,” I told him. “Let me send you some links for background information. Then you can decide whether you still want to do the piece, and how to approach it.”

This is what I sent him:

Righto. First, here are my own websites/blogs:

My professional site: Legacy Bookbindery
My novel: Communion of Dreams
My personal blog: CommunionBlog
A big ballistics-research project: Ballistics By The Inch
And the related blog: BBTI Blog
My ‘archive’ site: A Fine Line

That last one also contains all the columns I wrote for the Columbia Trib when I was doing that, under the “Art & Culture” heading.

A few years ago someone actually created a Wikipedia page on me (which I need to update): James Downey

Then there’s this forum I created for the Neighborhood Alliance effort in June.

And I’m one of the primary writers at this blog: Unscrewing The Inscrutable

Beyond that, you can search the archives at the Missourian, and the Tribune for stories which have been done about me/my businesses over the years. You might also look under “Legacy Art” or “Legacy Art & BookWorks”, which was the gallery I had downtown (where Slackers is now) for 8 years.

That should get you started. 😉

Thinking about it later, I came to the conclusion that perhaps my life hasn’t been a total waste to date. More than a bit . . . eclectic . . . perhaps, but not a total waste. That’s a good feeling.

Oh, I may have some news this weekend concerning getting Communion published.

Jim Downey

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